Long-term athletic development (LTAD) refers to a style of training that takes into full consideration the growth stages of human beings, external factors, sport play, skill development, critical and senstive windows for new skill acquisition and guidelines to follow.  Much of the training rendered in North America is subject to the demands of schedules, school, sport play and recreational activity.  Training becomes seasonal, sporadic and often achieves mediocre results at best.  With the absence of free play and daily physical development in schools, and the advent of technology, video games, sport-specialization and refined, mass produced foods, our young people find themselves in the center of a tremendous phase of human evolution. 

There is a better way, but its currently reserved for the brave few who are willing to address the current sport-specialization trending.  We have been fortunate to have a few long term athletes, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.   LTAD will hopefully become the norm again, as we find our way back to a balanced physical culture and youth/athlete development strategy. 

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