Now you don’t have to make the US Olympic Team to train like an Olympian! Sign up for the Olympic Weightlifting program held at Teamworks Fitness and experience first-hand just how much goes into mastery of the Olympic lifts

Life has a way of wearing us down – mind, body and spirit. Yoga has a natural way of enabling our body to cope and bounce back. Come wind down, and power up at the same time.

Learn how to strengthen your core and protect your low back with this artistic style of fitness training.

Stretching at The Studio will help you learn how to stretch properly and the reasons why. This class is as much of a workshop as it is a fitness experience. Relax and unwind…literally.

Busy life? Want to get the benefits of 4 different classes in 1 well thought out workout? Then you need to get some Synergy in your life today!

Our minds and our bodies give us constant feedback and information about what we are experiencing. The key is paying the right type of attention to that information. Chill Time will teach you skills that you can rely on to do just that.

Criminal Bodybuilding is a radical departure from the average gym-rat’s perception of the efforts necessary to become muscular, strong, and athletic.

New Year, New You! is a comprehensive 10-week transformation program that is set to kick off the week of November 29th and will run through Saturday February 5, 2011.