Olympic Weightlifting – Fall 2012

Now you don’t have to make the US Olympic Team to train like an Olympian! Sign up for the Olympic Weightlifting program held at Teamworks Fitness and experience first-hand just how much goes into mastery of the Olympic lifts

Program Details:

  • 10-week program running from Monday, September 10th to Friday, November 16th
  • 1, 2, or 3 day/week training packages available
  • 90 minute sessions held from 5:30-7pm Mon/Wed/Fri
  • Small class size

What You Will Get:

  • Hands-on experience working with the Olympic Lifts
  • Quality feedback and technique analysis from a qualified coach
  • 10 weeks of progressive programming that will elevate your skills to new heights
  • Tried and true lifting strategies that you can utilize in your future training

What You Will Learn:

  • The necessary elements for technical competency in the competitive lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) and related lifts (Squats, Pulls, Presses, etc)
  • Tissue maintenance strategies that will keep you feeling good and performing at your best
  • How to gain the mobility necessary for proper Olympic weightlifting technique
  • Training approaches that will maximize your success in the lifts
  • Nutritional strategies that will keep you at the top of your game
  • Tips and tricks that will help you optimize your lifting skills
  • How to prepare for a competitive weightlifting event


Non-monthly members

  • 3x/week – $549
  • 2x/week – $349
  • 1x/week – $249


Monthly Members

  • 3x/week – $299
  • 2x/week – $199
  • 1x/week – $99

To register you can call 978.369.6755 or email Michael, the program coach, at mike@teamworksfitness.com

Sign-up Now, Space is Limited!!!

Click here to check out Coach Michael Craven in action!