Teamworks Fitness has partnered with Sideline Sports to bring the XPS Teamworks Trainer, the most cutting edge remote training protocol on the market today, to the United States.  Utilizing this system as a backbone, our staff can connect with you directly anywhere in the world.

General Access including:

  • - hundreds of exercise videos and descriptions complete with our innovative progression, regression, and education system
  • - training templates that allow you to create your own programs using our exercise collections
  • - generic training programs that we’ve created to attack the target areas we see most common to the general public
  • - nutritional tracking and information made available to help assist in your goals, whatever they may be.
  • - data tracking, video eduction/tutorials and layers of content.

(Access to the Teamworks Trainer is available in blocks of 3, 6, 12 month options)

Customizable Options including:

  • - Teamworks Fitness goal specific training programs that we offer in many different frequencies (3,4,5, and 6 days per week).
  • - Personal coaching/training handled by one of our primary staff members.
  • - More involved attention, including email contact, phone calls, and Skype meetings.

(Teamworks Customized programs are available in a number of training periods with a 4 week minimum)

We are so confident in the XPS Teamworks Trainer that we are willing to offer a 1 week free trial to get started, as well as an immediate termination option if you are not completely satisfied with the product moving forward.

The revolution in training has begun, and you are about to join it!

Contact Tammy at 978-402-8340 or email if you are interested in becoming a client, or in learning how to use the system with your own clients.