Speed is KING!

Speed without control is CHAOS…control without speed is ineffecient. Finding the balance between the two is critical to performance in sport and life and we will help you find it!

Speed lives at the top of the fitness skill pyramid.  Speed is improved as the other critical skills improve.  Balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, endurance, strength, body composition, movement economy, mechanics, and mind set are all important factors in the development of speed.

Many athletes seek to get fast first.  While there are certain changes that can be made in the short term, true long term speed development is a synergistic process with the proper and balanced development of the body as a unit.  Athletes and coaches will often try to add things to get faster, when what they really need is to take their foot off the brake before trying to step on the gas.   This would mean strengthening the core, addressing  imbalances, creating more flexibility and mobility and refining running mechanics before adding more sprints or drills.  Sprints and drills can be effective when they are built upon the proper skill sets.  Otherwise, they simply anchor bad habits and begin to break down the body.

Speed without control is chaos…control without speed is ineffective.

Find the balance and perform to your potential!