When you are at the gym, what is the environment like? Are you surrounded by droves of hapless individuals who mindlessly trudge away on the latest cardio equipment while watching endless Oprah reruns, never to even break a sweat?

What about those lost souls who simply rip through a few stretches and then a couple sets of crunches before calling it a day and reaching for their 800 calorie “recovery” shake?

Or how about this: do you get irritated every time you see some pencil neck performing bicep curls with one arm while blabbing away on a cell phone held by the other?

Do you have a pizza day at your gym (sadly, I’ve seen it folks)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my heart goes out to you. You are in need of a new training environment, one that will light the fire beneath you each and every time you walk in to get after it.

Is finding a new gym not an option right now? Well, perhaps the hardworking and dedicated warriors of Criminal Bodybuilding will inspire you to get a killer workout in despite the unmotivating scene at your local gym.

What is Criminal Bodybuilding you ask? Criminal Bodybuilding is the one-of-a-kind training program that has been going on here at Teamworks Fitness over the last three months.

What make this program so unique? Well, unfortunately, there are countless individuals who will “exercise” with hopes of achieving the look of their dreams and will toil away for countless hours in the gym with absolutely nothing to show for it.

The members of Criminal Bodybuilding, in contrast, have learned that efforts towards improved performance during training will also bring them closer to their body compositional goals.

In other words, training for higher levels of athleticism has also allowed them to become leaner and more muscular along the way. Had they focused simply on looking better instead of on improving performance, they may have been stuck in the same rut that the average gym-goer gets trapped in.

These individuals have had faith in the system, though, and have been rewarded for it.

Regardless, with only a few weeks left in this winter’s Criminal Bodybuilding program, an update is long since overdue. Despite the delay, I wanted to reveal a little bit of the excitement that has been going on these last several weeks as we make our way down the home stretch of the program.

The video in this post highlights one of the highly demanding workouts from the third phase of Criminal Bodybuilding. Don’t worry, you won’t find any commercial gym nonsense here…just a lot of hard work and sweat during the battle against the iron. So, be sure to check the video out.

The bulk of the workout consisted of two Charles Staley inspired EDT blocks (EDT stands for Escalating Density Training for those unfamiliar with the term). The first was a pairing of the Trap Bar Deadlift and Barbell Bench Press performed back and forth for 12 total minutes.

The second 12 minute block consisted of Bulgarian Split Squats and Mixed-grip Chin-ups. Both pairings presented some serious challenges for sure, but nothing these courageous individuals couldn’t overcome.

If the two EDT blocks weren’t enough, how do 70 Close-grip Push-ups and 70 Inverted Rows sound? In this superset, participants had to alternate back and forth between the two movements as fast as possible until all 70 reps of each were completed.

Ready to call it a day? Well this group of die-hards was not. The Criminal Bodybuilding crew rounded out the day with a massive set of 70 Goblet Squats. The set was also timed, and each individual was required to hold onto the weight for the entire duration of the set, as all reps had to be completed before the weight could be put down.

Sound like a Herculean effort? Well it was just a typical day in the life of these Criminal Bodybuilders.

The members of Criminal Bodybuilding have confidently stepped up to every challenge that has been thrown at them and overcome every obstacle in their way. I know you will be impressed by the intensity and perseverance of these warriors; so much so that you will be amped up and ready for your very own war with the weights.

In closing, be sure to stay tuned in the weeks to come, as we will be checking in once again to give a more detailed synopsis of Criminal Bodybuilding in its entirety.

Everyone involved has made some pretty incredible progress thus far, and you are going to be amazed by how much can be accomplished when one truly puts everything forth and stops at nothing in the quest for success.

Until Next Time…

Train Hard
- MC

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