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There are a few times each year when we just want to get together with friends and family without worrying about what we can and can’t eat, and the stresses of everyday life.  For many, the Superbowl is one of those days.  Here are some tips to navigate the weekend, bank some calories, and spare yourself some Monday morning guilt.

Before we get into the foods swaps, let’s do some pre-game:

  1. Knowing you might binge in a few days, do the best you can to eat well, and get exercise today and tomorrow, creating a surplus in your calorie bank.
  2. Start late – On game day, or any holiday for that matter, don’t start your free eating until as late in the day as possible.  In doing so, you will mitigate the overall damage of the day.  Keep the foods you love in focus as a “reward”, and start the day with a healthy and sensible breakfast and lunch.  For Superbowl Sunday, start the “cheat meal” at 4:30 or later.
  3. Get right back on track – Come Monday, get yourself back to better eating decisions.  This way Sunday stays in the past, and you don’t allow it to carry over to a food bender.  The key to healthy eating is the choices you make, and don’t make, as well as the percentages of good meals you choose.  If the next 4 meals you ate after the binge were good, then you are eating better 80% of the time – that’s how the battle is won.
  4. Try drinking a few glass of water – Before you kickoff your feast, drink 1-2 glasses of water.  Research has shown that it helps to curb hunger and reduce the consumption of calories.
  5. Stand up and cheer – Have some fun, move around, get up and down – you’ll burn hundreds more calories than playing the role of the arm-chair quarterback.

If you are inclined to make some simple food swaps, click the video link below to see the live NECN Morning Show Segment featuring the Eat This Not That Supebowl Survival Guide -

NECN Video:

Here’s a list of some food MVP’s and 15 Yard Penalties:

MVP’s -

  1. Salsa – 10 calories per serving and some veggies as a bonus
  2. Baked Chips – Usually 30-40 calories less per serving, with less fat and salt in many cases
  3. Seltzer Water – Zero Calories – pick your favorite flavor, add a few ounces of fresh 100% fruit juice of choice, and a wedge of citrus fruit – tastes great, saves BIG on sugar and calories
  4. Thin Crust Pizza – A plain cheese thin crust pizza at Dominos has nearly 1000 calories less than its deep dish counterpart – seeing that’s almost 1/2 of most people’s recommended daily intake, its a great swap.
  5. Veggies and Hummus – At 35 good calories per serving, hummus is a great “dip” choice and the servings of veggies are an even better benefit.  Munch some veggies inbetween the chips, and you will fill up faster with better food and less calories.

15 Yard Penalties:

  1. Soda – if you have to go there, drink one and/or choose a zero calorie alternative if possible
  2. Deep Dish Pizza
  3. Extra – anything – cheese, toppings, portion sizes, etc…
  4. Cheese Whiz Dip – 90 calories per serving - you can easily get to 10 servings if you’re not careful - that’s 900 calories before you even get started – Big Mac and Fry at Mickey D’s…choose the Tositos con queso instead at 40 calories per serving, and go easy on the amount
  5. Dressings and condiments – they can add up – go sparingly and choose light options

Enjoy the game and enjoy the food – make one or all of these changes,and feel better about having fun on Sunday!

David Jack

Teamworks Fitness

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