We are looking forward to Teamworks Fitness’ upcoming (and second) experience in the beautiful country of Iceland.  In September, I was accompanied by training industry leader Michael Boyle, and internationally recognized nutritionist Dr. Chris Mohr.  We spoke at Keilir University on various topics, each speaker having one full day to present their material.  It was an amazing trip, people were hungry to learn, and we were treated like royalty.  We also had the opporutnity to see the countryside, hear each other present, and I personally was able to speak in front of the Icelandic Olympic Committee.

This February, I get to return to Iceland (and bring one of my team members with me, Shane Davenport) to teach two concepts in a hands on environment: Athletic Essentials, and Speed and Power Principles.  We will be joined by two excellent industry minds and peers, Eric Cressey and Nick Tumminello. 

I am really looking forward to returning to Iceland and spending some time with such gracious hosts, and Eric and Nick.  If you are a coach or trainer, or know of one that loves to learn and would love to see an amazing country, please pass on the link below. 


We will publish highlights from the summit when we return, and I am certain will they provide several powerful nuggets of information.

David Jack

Teamworks Fitness

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