I read a quote today (I get them each day from motivation in a minute) and it really hit me because it resonates so deeply with what I know to be true.  The quote is as follows:

“Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.”  Mother Teresa

The first words are so powerful to me…be kind and merciful.  Why not???!  We have to choose to be unkind and unmerciful.  Why would we choose that?  Its not how we would want someone else to treat us, which leads us to some other “cliches” as some might call them:

1) The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated

2) Put yourself in another person’s shoes before you judge them

The thing is, these are not cliches at all…they are God-breathed words of powerful importance, and when placed into action, create a peace and freedom that is unparalleled. 

Do yourself (and someone else) a favor today, tomorrow and as often as you can…put these words into action.  Be kind, be merciful, realize that their mistakes or insults in one area of life, are yours in another.  Imagine we all did this at least once a day to someone we know and someone new, picture billions of these “little” actions daily.  Its a small contribution for each of us, but the cumulative effect will change the world.  Be the one who starts something, be the revolution and watch it come back 10 fold!!!

A Simple Guideline: Make your comment or gesture authentic, not flippant or trite…you could be saving a life with your words or actions…there was a young man who committed suicide and his suicide note read – “If one person says hello to me today, I won’t do it”…let that sink in…be the one…

David Jack

Teamworks Fitness

P.S. It works in all areas of life: work, home, working out, the cafeteria, church, the field or court, lines in the grocery store…there are plenty of opportunities to get it done.

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