The Truth About Weight Loss

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As you might already know, the truth about weight loss and staying healthy is elusive and billions are made each year to prove it!  In the end, the solution is really simple, and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.  Crash diets, appetite suppressants and other quick fix schemes can often do more harm than good.  A case can be made for edgier tactics to kickstart a protocol or achieve a desired target (like meeting weight for a fight or competition) if you have the discipline and the knowledge to do it safely.  For most of us however, its back to basics and making our health, and our bodies a top priority in our lives…do you?  If you don’t, the question to ask is why not?  Do you think your not worthy of having good health and a good body?  Do other things matter more?  Today, identify one thing that’s stopping you from putting YOU first, and the take the next BEST step to fix it…ONE thing!

While your thinking about that, check out this article from our friends at Pro-Grade nutrition and their advisor, Dr.  Cassandra Forsythe on the dangers of suppressing your appetite:


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  1. Thanks a ton! It is definitely an awesome site.

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