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The World’s Top Freerunner/Parkour Athletes to Perform (and TEACH) at Teamworks Acton – Sunday, June 3rd 1:00p

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  YOU WILL BE SPELLBOUND – YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO MOVE BETTER Come join us June 3rd at 1p at Teamworks in Acton (30 Great Road) when some of the world’s greatest (we’re talking Michael Jordan level in their sport) freerunners perform for FREE* at Teamworks in Acton, followed by an optional 2 hour Parkour workshop [...]

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Small Group Custom Fitness

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                                Small Group Custom Fitness (SGC) is one of our flagship offerings at Teamworks Fitness/CATZ Sports Acton.  Though we have been complimented on running very effective and fun adult group fitness, as well as our youth athlete development programs, SGC for both adults and competitive athletes is our [...]

Staley Flyer

Olympic Lifting and Metabolic Density Training Workshop

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Join us Monday 9/26 at 5p when we welcome Charles Staley, a fitness and training industy icon, to Teamworks/CATZ Acton for a rare hands-on workshop. The workshop will focus on two specific areas: 1)  Olympic Lifting Competency in a Day – Learning, adjusting and using olympic lifts safely in your training/fitness program.  The olympic lifts [...]


The Power of Play

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It’s a short post, but PLEASE read this and understand just how important the concept of play truly is, and do something, anything to honor it - An important 2008 report by the American Academy of Pediatrics helped American parents take play seriously. It begins: Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by [...]

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Food and Drugs – Are they that different?

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When we talk about addiction, the first thing that comes to mind might be drugs and alcohol.  The damage they cause in the lives of the individuals and families they effect need not be discussed in detail, as we know they are real with many of you reading this possessing first hand experience.  When we think about foods, [...]

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The Secret to Youth Fitness

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One problem with childhood obesity is that its become the problem – “when the problem becomes the problem, its a problem” is how the saying goes.  Simply said, kids used to only hear it when they visited the doctor, now they get it from all angles, almost everyday – moms, dads, teachers, fitness professionals, doctors, tv personalities, celebrities, magazines, [...]

Executing Proper Decelration Mechanics During Jump Work

2011 Winter Training Block Update

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At Teamworks Fitness/CATZ, we offer various programs to help athletes of any age further develop sport and life skills and reduce the risk of injury. Youth Groups – Completely Active -ages 7-11 - The completely active group is designed specifically to help kids develop a positive connection with physical fitness and activity.  The focus at this age [...]